The professional hand extrusion welder for pipe welding and geo engineering.

Plastic extrusion is a process that allows us to mold different products. This is one of the basic processes in the production of plastics. It is also possible to weld films together with extrusion in geo engineering. In view of this, the hand-extruder booster as well as welding with the hand-tools from WELDY offer a great number of applications in the construction industry.

Extrusion WELDY booster EX2 / EX3
The WELDY “booster EX3” is designed to support an efficient welding process. Its ergonomic handling makes the welding easy and pleasant. Some features are:

  • Output of approx 3.0 kg/h
  • Turn able handle for high ergonomics
  • Lock switch for continuous extrusion welding
  • Easy and quick replacement of welding shoes to meet the necessary requirements
  • Welding rod inserts for 3 and 4mm are supported from two sides to increase the flexibility of the operator

Hand tool WELDY energy HT1600 / WELDY energy HT3400
The WELDY “energy HT1600” or “energy HT3400” hot air hand tools are the perfect addition to complement the WELDY extrusion welder.