Flooring made easy.

In recent years, the vinyl has been more in demand than ever in the field of flooring. This is due to the fact that the durability and versatility of the vinyl floors provide many advantages. Doubtless, vinyl represents an attractive opportunity for the decoration of the apartment. A significant advantage is that the installation of vinyl floors is quite simple. These floors can be laid directly on the old ground surface so that a radical change is not necessary. Vinyl is a material that adapts easily to any type of surface. Thanks to the huge selection of vinyl floors, you can set up your apartment according to your taste. Some vinyl floors mimic considerable materials such as marble, stone or even wood. Since vinyl floors do not contain any wood derivatives, they are waterproof and very resistant to moisture. Vinyl is also resistant to friction or scratches.

Hand tool WELDY energy HT1600
The hand welding tool “energy HT1600” is perfectly designed to weld floor coverings made of PVC-P, PE, linoleum and modified thermoplastics. Weldy hot air tools make PVC vinyl flooring welding easy. We offer you a wide range of accessories to fit your needs when doing a flooring job.