Hot-Air Guns for private users and professionals.

Whether you will welding plastic pipes, tinning metal surfaces, removing labels, eliminating sealant or filler, preventing fraying of cords or removing paint on wood. With the Do it Yourself line by WELDY, this becomes so easy: gluing, coating and sealing plastic materials quickly, cheaply and effectively within seconds. The hand-held hair dryer can also be used with a cold temperature, in order to, for example, dry up, wax in, or defrost water pipes.

Hot air guns WELDY PIC / PRO / PLUS
The WELDY hot air guns series includes the three popular models like “PIC”, “PRO” and “PLUS”. The perfect ergonomic and multi-functional hot air guns are used in all possible applications in the industries as well as at home. Following features are available depending on the model you select:

  • Electronically temperature and air-flow adjustment
  • Stand-by for Eco drive (lowest setting)
  • Memory-functions with 14 preset programs for plastic welding
  • Multilingual menus (D, ES, FR, GB, IT, NL, PT, SE)
  • Air flow adjustment
  • Heating element protection
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Certified according to your local country requirements